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Heavy Equipment Operations

Heavy Equipment Operations
CIP Code:  490202

Tuition:   $6,000.00  ($5875.00 Tuition + $125.00 Administration Fee)

Class Sessions:  8 weeks - Monday - Thursday

Heavy Equipment Operations Course is an extensive 2 month course allowing you to Operate Heavy Equipment in a safe an efficient manner. Heavy Equipment taught on is as follows: Bull Dozers, Frontend Loader, Backhoes, and Dump Truck "Loading" etc. Safety Operations of each piece of equipment is always forefront of this course, allowing you to demonstrate your proper techniques when attending interviews. Provided in your instruction time is also Underground Utilities and the "ONE CALL SYSTEM" as well as transit and laser setup and use, discussion on GPS in location and elevations  grades and elevations in grading. Unlike many courses this course is very "hands on". Most of the instruction time is on the equipment, in the equipment arena not just book knowledge, allowing your skills to be shown in every aspect upon Completion of Course and Final Exam (hands on and written) taken at the school. 

Construction equipment operators use machinery to move construction materials, earth, and other heavy materials at construction sites and mines. Heavy Equipment Operators operate equipment that clears and grades land to prepare it for construction of roads, buildings, and bridges, as well as airport runways, power generation facilities, dams, levees, and other structures. They use machines to dig trenches that is needed to lay or repair sewer, utilities, and hoist heavy construction materials. Construction equipment operators also operate machinery that spreads asphalt and concrete on roads and other structures. These workers also help set up and inspect the equipment, make adjustments, and perform some maintenance and minor repairs. 

Total Cost: $6,000

Certified Forklift/Customer Service Specialist

CIP Code: 

Class Sessions:  4 weeks (80 hours)  Monday-Thursday

Tuition:  $4,000.00  (3,875.00  Tuition + $125.00  Admininstration  Fee)

Course studies are based on Safety and cover all areas of Forklift operations.  Instructors go over various types of forklifts and general maintenance of forklift equipment. Students acquire a Certification in forklift operations and feel comfortable in handling forklift equipment in a safe manner, around people or in open and enclosed areas.  The Customer Service Specialist (CSS) portion offers you a National Credential through the ETA in (CSS), allowing you to obtain two certifications all in one program.  The CSS exam is taken while attending school and results are usually back prior to the end of the course.  Upon taking and passing your Credential exam in CSS and passing your final exam for forklift certification you will be HIGHLY JOB MARKETABLE in two fields of employment, Certified Customer Service Specialist and Certified Forklift Operations. Both fields are IN DEMAND nationwide.

This combined Forklift/Customer Service Course was designed to allow MCITC to assist Companies in hiring Forklift Operators who are able to communicate with staff members efficiently and most importantly with clients/customers in daily transactions.  The US Government has stated that Customer Service will usher back in growth of the economy. Many Companies are hiring Certified Customer Service Reps to regain their business back.  CSS allows the employers to rest assured that their clients/customers are treated with courtesy and professionalism which is taught in the course.  You will learn how to operate more than one Forklift. We strive to make you “Highly Job Marketable”.  Our Forklift Program gives you the feeling of confidence in managing your equipment in a safe yet productive manner. The computer experience in scheduling and knowledge of invoices helps individuals to feel they are JOB READY when hired by an employer in the Forklift/Customer Service industry. We assist students in creating strong Resumes allowing them to be job ready upon completion, whether they have experience or are new to the field.  Our Placement Director works with many Industries and is involved with HR Departments of many Companies prior to you finishing the course. At MCITC our goal is to have you finish your course of study and be in a job once completed.  Only serious students who desire and are ready to work are accepted into this program. Educational requirements to register for the course are High School Diploma or GED.


Total Cost: $4,000.00

Certified Forklift w/o Customer Service 

CIP Code: 490299

Hours:  20

Administration Fees: $125.00

Tuition: $1,375.00

Total: $1,500.00

This Course allows you to operate safely the following forklifts: Stand up (reach), Sit Down, and Electric Pallet Jacks.

This course gives you the ability to work in tight quarters such as isles, or in spacious areas / warehouses etc. The student will learn proper safety techniques in various situations the may come across in everyday work environments. Upon Completion Students may sit for their OSHA Forklift Exams on Stand up & Sit down Forklifts which makes them highly job marketable.

Total: $1,500.00