Questions & Answers

We try to anticipate questions you might have and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to

Is MCITC an approved school in NJ?

MCITC has over 20+ years as a school in NJ and yearly renews all certifications needed to remain in current status in the State of NJ.

All approved private vocational schools in the State of NJ are licensed under NJ Administrative Code 12:41:1.1-3.1.  Any school that is not licensed and approved cannot participate with certain partners such as One Stops and Workforce Development programs, etc.

Is MCITC allowed to work with other States and their One Stops?
MCITC proudly works other states such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida and Kentucky to mention a few. We are helping to train students of integrity in various career categories. Many of the other states pay the school through various programs to allow students to train at MCITC. States look at our courses, and course curriculum, and view our 15 year history and take our Credentialing very serious.
Instructors and what to look for:
MCITC instructors are required to have vast knowledge in the fields they instruct. Unlike many vocational schools, our instructors have over 10-15 years in all critical areas of instruction, several have over 25 years experience in their fields. When we hire instructors for new courses we seek those individuals who can bring out subject matter easily for the students to understand. Our instructors are required to go the extra mile when needed to assure a student understands the material presented to him/her in their course. Extra help is always available and encouraged should you feel you require it, for any reason. The Director has 39 years in Medical Billing/Coding and holds (4) credentials in her field.
Availability of our staff and professionalism from staff members to students (potential or current/past):
MCITC’s staff is readily available to answer questions you may have during the normal business hours of the school. MCITC is a place where our logo of “A Place Where People Matters” is carried out daily. We have competent staff at both locations. You will find the addresses and phone numbers of each campus on the Contact Page, with directions you can print out as well.
Does MCITC have Lifetime Placement? No (Reason explained Below)

MCITC does not believe like some schools that you should have to constantly be out of work and back into a new job. We strive to have JOBS FOR A LIFETIME rather than, lifetime placement. With Lifetime Placement many schools seek any P-T or per diem jobs, just to place you. MCITC works with you to find the needs you have in many areas during job placement such as your salary requirements, benefits (insurance, sick time, vacation etc whenever possible) prior to you taking the job. If you are not satisfied at a job we certainly will help match you with another if the need arises.

MCITC has regular symposiums and allows employers to come to the school and hold job fairs at the school four times per year. The symposiums and job fairs allow the students to meet the HR personnel that our Placement Director and Staff work with diligently, and “break the ice” for interviewing with them upon Graduation.

What is the atmosphere of MCITC’s Training Centers?
MCITC has up to date computers, software, and a Simulated Medical & General Office Setting” to allow our students to feel comfortable upon transitioning into the work environment. Campuses are serene and very clean and comfortable. We feel that education in a stress free environment, without noise; which is of the utmost importance in learning. Break areas are on both campuses. There are times to laugh, and talk – but education is a serious matter and MCITC strives to bring you the highest quality education during the time you spend with us.
Student to teacher ratio:
While many schools believe in filling classes, MCITC feels that smaller class sizes are better. We hold several classes per day with smaller class size to accommodate our student’s needs. Students who have not been in school for awhile feel comfortable, as well as students who have years of education at MCITC. Our ratio is approximately 15-20 students per class in Medical Courses, and all other courses approximately 20-22 students per class. With smaller class size, instructors are able to give more one on one attention to students that experience weakness in a given area. You are welcome to visit us anytime, or set up an appointment to talk with the Director, Placement Director or our staff prior to coming on at MCITC.
Computerized Exam Rooms:
Our Campus has a computerized exam rooms for our students to take many of their exams such as the NHA’s – CBCS, CMAA. Our instructors or directors are NHA approved to proctor the exams on site and results are seen immediately after exam is finished rather then waiting weeks of anticipation.

MCITC has a unique service coming soon – “Virtual Resumes”:  where employers are able to see your resume and hear a 30-60 second voice message.  Those who just want their resumes handed out do not have to participate in this should they feel uncomfortable.  Virtual Resumes are the future of employment Hiring.  MCITC is on the forefront of this endeavor to help Human Resource Departments see our graduates faster for hire.  Our Placement Director will be able to visit employers now with a virtual or regular Resume and enlighten them on our upcoming Graduates and fields of study they have completed.  We are very thankful to all who helped MCITC with this service and look forward to a great year of placement once again at MCITC.

When should you visit MCITC?
MCITC has always say: when choosing a school, we ask that you try to visit us last, whenever possible. Most schools want you to visit them first and try to put pressure on you to attend theirs. While we do need funding to keep our schools going, we also value our students and pressure is not our tactic. MCITC staff likes you to see other schools, and then visit us, so you are able to see for yourself the difference in atmosphere, and quality of education.
How do we make an appointment to visit the school and spend time with the Admissions Director?
Contact our Campus at the number on the top of the Welcome page. MCITC Administrative Staff will gladly make an appointment for you to have quality time set aside for your visit.

MCITC is here to make your Career Choice and enjoyable time of learning. While life has enough stress in it daily for most people, we strive to keep our environment as stress free as possible. Come in and visit us, bring your questions, and just realize that we are here to help you achieve your Career Goal.

May your days be Blessed and not Stressed.

Look forward to meeting you,


Carol Johnston

Director of MCITC Training Centers of NJ