Green Technology

Certified Landscape Technician

CIP Code: 010605

Class Sessions: 4-11 weeks, 160 Hours, Monday – Thursday

Tuition: $4,000.00 ($3,875.00 Tuition + $125.00 Administration Fee)

This course prepares students for the OSHA EQ/10 Cert for Certified Landscape Technicians’ (CLT) Exams. These are nationwide exam Certifications well known throughout the Landscape Industry. Subjects included in this program are First Aid and Safety, Turf Installation, General Turf Maintenance, Plants and Planting, Tree and Shrub Maintenance, Turf Equipment Operation and Safety, General Landscape Equipment Safety, Irrigation System Components and Maintenance, Work Orders, Snow Removal, (Non-Heavy Equipment), and much more.(OSHA EQ/10 is paid by the school; no out of pocket cost to student, as well as saftey equipment needed).

The program allows you to be “Highly Job Marketable” in the Landscape Technician field. Many insurance companies give employers a discount on their insurance when these credentials are obtained. You will be learning not only Turf Maintenance but also Ornamental Maintenance as well, with confidence. Many students choose this program because there are “NO FILLER SUBJECTS”; you learn what you need to pass your Certification Exams. OSHA EQ/10 and to be your best as a Certified Landscape Technician (CLT). This means only 2 months for a Career in Landscape, allowing you to receive better pay for work performed. Soon requirements are leaning toward all Landscape Technicians to be certified in NJ. Job Placement Assistance is available upon completion of this course and taking your Credentialing Examn offered and paid for by the school (OSHA EQ/10). Many students decide to also take their Certified Exterior Landscape Technician Credentials after working in the field for approx 1 year,making them Highly Job Marketable with (2) Certifications behind their names in their career choice of Landscape Technician.

Total Cost: $4,000.00